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Be aware of the latest Burglary tricks

10th February 2021

Whilst we’re all still in lockdown we still need to be on guard when it comes to home security. It is estimated there are still over 1,000 burglaries happening each day in the UK despite most of us finding ourselves at home both during the day and in the evenings. This is forcing burglars to have to come up with new, creative ways to beak in to our homes.

Burglars are having to be mindful of people at home, in this blog we discuss some of the latest burglary tricks. Being aware of these tricks will help you better prepare, allowing you to fully safeguard your home for both you and your family.

Masking tape on your door

This first trick which has become increasingly popular by burglars is used to find out which homes are occupied and which aren’t. This method involves placing masking tape over the keyhole of a house they believe is vacant. If the tape isn’t removed after a few days they assume the house is unoccupied. Similarly, this tactic has also been used for doorbells; the masking tape is placed over the door causing the doorbell to continuously ring. If there’s no answer the house is assumed empty.

Build up of leaflets

Another tactic to be aware of is a build up of leaflets being posted through your letterbox. Burglars look to post leaflets through letterboxes pretending to be local companies such as takeaways or window cleaners each day. 
After a week or so if they see the leaflets haven’t been tidied away, they assume the house in empty. If you’re leaving your house for a few days or more it might be worthwhile seeing if a family member or friend can call round & clear any mail ensuring you don’t fall victim to this trick.

Forced entry

This tactic has been around for a while but is one of the most common ways we see burglars breaking in to properties. Police have reported burglars using blowtorches to destroy locks allowing them to gain entry quickly. Another popular method is lock snapping, this uses high force to break the weak centre of double cylinder locks allowing intruders to gain entry to your home.

One of the best ways to prevent lock snapping is to install a 3 star rated anti snap lock. Ultion anti snap locks are specifically designed to prevent against lock snapping, picking or drilling. These locks also boast a double lockdown mode meaning a series of attack pins are engaged if an attack is detected providing even more security. Along with a range of other additional features these locks are preferred by police giving you full peace of mind.

Don’t be fooled by distraction

Distraction is a classic technique often used by burglars, however, there have been reports of a new distraction technique that has been flagged by Police forces around the UK. An alert was raised last month warning households against bogus individuals claiming to be administrating Covid-19 vaccines and using this as an excuse to enter properties. In one case a burglar managed to steal a mobile phone as well as some money. 
To protect against this SF Locksmith always advise to ask for ID of anyone wishing to enter your home, especially if they are uninvited proving they are from a legitimate company. 

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