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28th September 2016

It just seems to arrive earlier and earlier each year, doesn't it? We're still only in September but you can already feel the excitement. Soon we'll have the adverts, the TV specials, and the shops will leave us in no doubt that it's that time of year again. Yes, of course I'm talking about National Home Security Month. Running for the length of October, this is the fourth consecutive year we'll be celebrating  this event, and it acts as an annual reminder for us to do all we can to keep our homes secure as we move into the winter months.

As my own contribution to National Home Security Month, I thought I'd take this chance to give 8 important tips on how you can keep your own home secure. Some of these items will be familiar to regular readers, but a reminder is always worthwhile and the below list is well worth scanning from time to time just to check your security arrangements are up to date.  

1. Are your doors and windows secure?  

When was the last time you had a locksmith inspect your windows and external doors to check that they're in good enough condition to withstand any attempted break-in? A locksmith can ensure that the fitted locks are of the antisnap variety and of sufficient quality to meet insurance requirements. If you can't remember the last time this happened, it may well be time to make a call!

2. Check the exterior of your home

Make sure there's no access to your property via outbuildings, or through broken windows. Keep any ladders locked safely away to avoid giving a burglar a helping hand. 

3. Change the code!

Burglar alarms are great, and I'm always banging on about them, but do make sure you regularly change the code. Many people keep the same code left over from the previous owners of their house  - who knows how many people have got to know it over the years. Play it safe, and change it to a new number to be given only to those who need to know. 

4. When did you last change your keys?

On a similar theme, when did you last replace your keys? How many people could potentially have access to copies - previous tenants or owners, perhaps? Could anyone else have made copies? If the answers to these questions make you uneasy, calling a locksmith to replace your locks and give you a new set of keys can easily help set your mind at rest.

5. Where are those car keys?

Unsurprisingly, since cars are becoming more difficult to break into without a key, recent statistics have shown that car keys are a major target for house breakers, indeed often the primary and sole target. If you leave your keys by the front door on a hall table or similar, you're just making it too easy for them. Keep them out of sight!

6. Deter opportunist thieves with lights

If your house looks as if no-one's at home, it's going to be far more attractive to an opportunistic burglar. Invest in a few light timers to put them off and persuade them to move on to a target that looks unoccupied. 

7. Exterior lighting

Staying on the theme of lighting, installing sensor lighting to the front and back of your home will deter potential thieves. A happy side effect of these is that you'll be able to more easily get home from the pub in the dark too - no more fumbling about for keys - unless it's alcohol related, of course!

8.  Take a look at yourself

No, I'm not going down the therapist route! But you should always consider the effect you have on the security of your own home. Don't get into bad habits - never leave keys on view in locks, remember to always set your alarm when out of the house, don't leave accessible windows open when away from house, and lock any back or side gates. At the end of the day we can have all the security devices we want, but there won't be much point if we don't actually make proper use of it.

So there's a list of tips that I think it's well worth paying attention to, and taking action if you find any of them are ringing alarm bells - pun slightly intended. I'm now off to put up my stocking for National Home Security Month, and wondering what treats I'll get brought - I have tried to be a good locksmith all year, after all! 

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