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Locksmith on Summer Holiday

15th August 2021

Hi there. Usually at this time of year I would do a blog about precautions to take to secure your property when going away for a summer holiday.  What with one thing and another, though, this year is kind of different, and a lot of people will be having a staycation in the true meaning of the word, so whilst I can still advise you to look back on those blogs, I thought it might be rubbing salt into the wound a bit to assume we’re all going away for a nice holiday this year. 

However, it doesn’t stop us dreaming of holidays to come, and that train of thought led me to ponder on suitable holiday destinations for a locksmith. And then I decided to write them down and share them with you. Yes, really, and come on, it’s not as if you pay to read this content!

Where’s our first port of call on our world trip? I think it has to be Scotland because what do you find there? Lochs of course and I can take in Loch Lomond, Loch Ness and Loch Awe, just to ensure my Loch knowledge stays up to date even when I’m on holiday. I’ll have to check they’re all of the anti-snap variety too. And if you think I’m going to miss out the pun of me temporarily changing from a locksmith to a lochsmith you give me too much credit. 

After the fresh cool weather of Scotland, it’ll be time for a bit of a warmer climate and an accompaniment to the loch visits, so what better than to pop over the Atlantic and visit the Florida Keys. Whilst there I can check they’re up to standard, meeting the relevant British Security standards. I’ll certainly need to hang around for a while just to be sure, and then do a quick detour north to Connecticut to visit Yale university, just to totally ensure I’m on top of things. I’m undecided on whether to then flip back from Yale to Turkey or not… I think by then I may have exhausted the key puns, but it’s there as a back-up. 

I’ll be a bit hot after all these warm countries, so next is a trip up past Denmark to the Baltic sea. Baltic sea, you say? How is that connected with locks? Well, you know, BALTic… or BOLTic, yeah I’m pushing it a bit here, I know, but it’ll get worse with the next journey when I chase the sun to Anti(snap lock)gua and Barbuda. 

You might sense I’m struggling a bit here with the lock puns, but you’ll be delighted to know we can cool off in (Mort)Ice(lock)land. It does rather seem I’m having a breakdown here, doesn’t it? This seemed a good idea at the time. I think I really do need a holiday, maybe in the exotic sunshine of the UPVCeyshelles? I’m sorry, I can’t stop. 

Anyway, given it’s a bit tricky to go abroad at the moment, I might stay in England, popping down to Devon or Cornwall instead. Yep, it’ll be Torquay and Pad(lock)stow for me. 

Okay, stop throwing things, I’ll stop now. Just rest assured, holiday or not, I’ll be keeping up my knowledge of all things lock and security-related. Hopefully soon it’ll be easier for us all to have proper holidays and I can get back to the general holiday security advice. 

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