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Resolutions From A Barnsley Locksmith

1st January 2020

Twenty twenty then. 2020. Twenty 20. No matter how you write it, it’s difficult to believe we’ve reached this point and STILL we’re not all getting to work in flying cars accompanied by our robot friends. Still, we have Segways and Alexa, so maybe we’re not all that far off. Anyway, I hope your festive period was most enjoyable, and let’s see about tackling the year ahead. 

A New Year brings with it the issue of New Year’s resolutions. Whether these are to improve your exercise levels, do more recycling, or prepare more human sacrifices to Zorb, the Great God of the underworld, some will be more successful than others. (I fear Zorb will be displeased for at least another year).  In case you’re struggling to think of any resolutions for yourself, may I be so bold as to suggest a few. You’ll be shocked to hear they all relate to the subject of home security – you’ve probably spotted a theme on this blog over the years.  I promise that all of them are a darn sight easier to accomplish than losing five stone or resolving to make this the year you finally scale Mount Everest. 

Here we go… repeat after me. 

“I solemnly swear to get a qualified locksmith to inspect my security arrangements” (perhaps even the one who’s advising me to make this resolution). Think about when your house last had new locks fitted, and whether they are up to the job. Your local locksmith will have the industry-level knowledge to know which locks are fit for purpose and meet insurance regulations, and which need updating. 

“I will not neglect my outbuildings.”  We should all place great importance on the security of our main property, but let’s also not forget any sheds or garages on our land. This time of year means there is plenty of darkness to act as cover for any burglars trying to force entry to an unprotected shed or garage. Ensure that these are properly locked and secured. 

“I will reflect on my own behaviour.” Yes, here’s one for our own self-improvement that doesn’t involve any financial cost. Make sure that you always lock the house overnight or when you’re in the garden, and certainly when you’re away from the house. Don’t leave any keys in clear sight for prospective thieves, use any burglar alarm installed, and close accessible windows when you’re not around. 

“2020 will be the year I get a house alarm installed.” Look, I know it’s a bit pricey, but if you don’t already have one, a decent house alarm is one of the best investments you can make for your home security. It’s a powerful deterrent to any burglar, and can also significantly reduce your insurance premiums. 

“I’ll put myself in two places at once.” Not literally, this one, but a reminder that the best thing you can do when you’re away from the house is to disguise this very fact. This means making it appear as if the house is occupied when you are not there – an occupied house is far less appealing to burglars than an empty one. Make use of lights in conjunction with a timer, and if you’re going away for a while, don’t forget to cancel milk or newspapers, and let a neighbour use your driveway for their car. Also ensure you leave your contact details with a neighbour in case of any emergencies. 

“I’ll become THAT person who has a safe.” Safes are no longer the sole preserve of the rich and famous, dripping with diamonds. Many of us have valuables of a lower value that we need to keep extra safe. This includes passports, by the way, which are appealing for burglars as they can be sold on for ID fraud. Investing in a small safe in which to put these items gives you an extra level of security. Just be sure that the safe is securely fixed in the house and cannot be easily carried away. 

“I’ll spend 5 minutes walking round my property.” If you’re not keen on following resolution number 1 and getting a professional in, at least take a few minutes to look round the perimeter of your property yourself, keeping an eye out for any weak spots – rotten window frames, a broken fence, a dodgy latch. Put yourself in the position of a burglar – if you were looking to break into your house, where is the security at its weakest?

“I’ll switch the cameras on” – A CCTV system was once a massive investment. However, the technological age continues apace and now such systems can be bought for a fraction of a price. Consider a couple of cameras at the main entrance points to your property – these can easily be wirelessly connected to your computer or mobile, alerting you to any movement when you’re away from home, giving you peace of mind. 

“Let there be light” – The winter months attract burglars using darkness to keep their actions hidden. Installing an exterior, motion-activated light insures against this. It also has the bonus of helping you find your way home too in the dark evenings. 

So that’s nine resolutions for you. I would have done ten, but I like to be a little different. If you can put a few of the above into practice, it will help you reduce the risk of 2020 being a security nightmare for you. And let’s face it, all those resolutions are still easier than going to the gym every day. 

Wishing you all the best for 2020. For advice on anything lock-related, or to enquire about repairs or replacements, call us now. 

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