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Tips to consider when moving house

12th February 2018

Greetings from the blog that you are currently reading right now. This month I thought I’d return to a subject I’ve touched on before, but which I’ve been asked about again recently – the security steps you should take when you move into a new home. Moving house is a big step and you don’t want the new adventure to be immediately ruined by worries over the security of your new place

It’s a stressful time what with arranging the logistics of moving trucks, sorting out utilities, dealing with solicitors and agents, co-ordinating dates, exchanging keys etc, so I’m sorry to add to this list, but without further ado, here are my tips on things to consider when moving house.


I’ll put this at number one because, well, it’s up there as the most important things you can do. People easily forget it in the midst of all the other jobs that need to be done, but ensuring your new property is insured should be your first priority. A house is likely to be the biggest investment you make, so don’t run the risk of leaving it uninsured, even for a day or two, and leaving you open to a massive loss should the worst occur. 

Change the locks

When moving into a new home you just don’t know how many people have copies of keys to your house. Yes, they’re all MEANT to be handed over but this isn’t always the case. It might not even be the previous owners who have them – it could be the owners before them, or a neighbour/friend who had a spare set, or even workmen who were given a set. It’s impossible to track all copies down, and although most people are honest, you can’t always be sure of the motives of those that still have a key. The best option is to change the locks as soon as possible after moving in. Don’t just concentrate on the front door either – make sure the back door, garage door, side door, shed door and any other entry points aren’t forgotten. If there is a burglar alarm with a security code, ensure this code is changed as soon as possible too. 

Review the security

Moving into a new house is an ideal time to check out whether the security arrangements are up to scratch. Before you get all your precious belongings in, have a look to see what simple improvements can be made. Does a burglar alarm system need installing/updating? Are there locks on the windows? Do the doors and entry points seem secure enough and fit for purpose? Ideally, you could call on the services of your local locksmith and get them in to have a look round and suggest any improvements you could make. Another thing not to forget would be smoke alarms and Carbon monoxide alarms. Check the batteries are up to date and the alarms are in working order. 

Get to know your neighbours

I know, this is enough to bring many of us out in hives – it’s not the most British thing to do, but try and introduce yourself to your neighbours as soon as possible. Establishing a sense of community greatly increases security – they will be more likely to keep an eye out on your house and you can do the same to theirs. Quickly introducing yourself will also reassure them that you yourself are not a burglar! 

Check the exterior

It’s not all about the house itself. Make sure it’s on your list to inspect the exterior of your property to see if there are any security risks there. If there are fences, ensure they’re robust, and make it a priority to fix any broken panels etc. Check the gate closes properly and is lockable if needed. Test out any exterior security lights and get them maintained/replaced if you find they’re not working. 

Hopefully these tips will have given you food for thought if you’ve recently moved or are considering a move soon. However, even if neither are the case, I think the tips still apply to most of us. 

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