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11th October 2015

In the spirit of the time of year, and also with a nod to the BBC's current poetry season, cast your minds back to school when you may have been forced to study/enjoy (delete as appropriate) the poem, Ode to Autumn, by John Keats. Most of it now escapes my memory, lost in the distant past, but I do still remember the first line which went: 'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' sounds good, doesn't it, and even to me, a non-poetry loving locksmith, it really invokes the atmosphere of this season. However, also as a non-poetry loving locksmith, I see another , less evoking side to Autumn, as the nights draw in and the evenings becomes progressively shorter. To represent this not-so-glorious side of the season, I've come up with my own alternative first line (with many apologies to Keats.).

'Season of thefts and callous lawlessness'

Okay, you can probably see why poetry's loss was locksmithery's gain, and, truth be told, it was unlikely I was ever going to be called on to be Poet Laureate, but despite all that, there is also a reality contained  within those clumsily edited words. For burglars love this time of year, stretching from now until Spring. Shorter days, longer nights - the cloak of darkness is one of their greatest accomplices, for them to carry out their thefts and lawlessness. So here's a seasonal reminder of things you can do to try to ensure you're not the one ending up reciting a bloody awful homage to Keats.

Hot tips to staying safe this winter

Fit up-to-date anti-snap locks - I know I bang on about these an awful lot on my blogs but I'm not going to stop doing so - I've lost count of the number of occasions I arrive on the scene of a burglary to see snapped locks that have been destroyed in a matter of seconds by intruders, with the minimum of effort. Fitting anti-snap locks is such a simple solution to this and if I was to only give one tip, it would be to get these fitted by a qualified locksmith - it could make all the difference.

Functional House Alarm - it's still the case that 70% of houses in the UK do not have a house alarm, despite them being one of the greatest deterrents we have against burglars. It's been proven time and time again that well over half of all attempted break-ins on houses with alarms turn out to be unsuccessful, either because the burglar has been scared off, or because the alarm has roused suspicions of neighbours or the police. Having a house alarm and, more importantly, checking it's in working order, can do wonders in preventing you being a victim of crime this year.

Security lighting - an obvious way to restore the balance that has tipped in the burglar's favour due to the shorter days is to fit a cheap, motion activated security light. Yes, it may be activated now and then by a squirrel or the neighbour's cat, but it will also take away the burglar's advantage of darkness, and draw attention to their actions.

Don't stop there...

Other steps you can take to reduce the risk of burglaries include locking away all garden furniture and tools for the winter, fitting timer switches on interior lights when you're away from the house, not leaving any valuables on display through a window or by a front door, fitting a sturdy safe for any valuables, and of course making sure all doors and windows are locked when you're out or have gone to bed. 

Following these steps will lower the chances of you ever having to think about my terrible take on Keats ever again. I can only apologise for that, but if it got you reading to the end of this blog  I guess it did its job!

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