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Are Barnsley Locksmiths Key Workers

31st March 2020

Well, it’s all a bit of a to-do out there at the moment, isn’t it? Quarantine, lockdown, daily televised government briefings, and now our infected Prime Minister writing to every household in the country – this wasn’t all in the script when we wished each other a happy and healthy 2020 last New Years’ Eve

I’m not here to give you any guidance on how to deal with the current COVID-19 crisis. I will leave this to the likes of Professor Whitty and the rest of the senior government advisors. I would just reiterate that, although experts have had a bad rap the last few years, it’s important to listen to their advice to keep us all safe and get us back to normal as soon as possible. So please visit the NHS website should you have any concerns on that score. 

What these last few weeks have highlighted is the importance of those workers who often seem to be underappreciated by society. It’s not the footballers or actors who are keeping society going right now, is it? It’s the nurses, doctors, porters, shop assistants, shelf stackers, delivery drivers, cleaners, pharmacists… the list goes on, but let’s hope it leads to a slight adjustment in our valuation of certain jobs in the next few years. 

The term “key worker” has had a lot of airing recently too, and of course my ears pricked up at this because, let’s face it, key worker is practically a synonym for a locksmith. But levity aside, you may be wondering if locksmiths will keep working during this time, or even if they should be. Well, I may be biased but I would argue very much so, and this is why I am continuing to work swhen so many of us are restricted to our homes. Let me explain with an example:

Last week I received a call from a frantic householder who had suffered a break-in. They were a key worker (not in the locksmith definition!) so had left their house unattended whilst they went to do the vital work that helps keeps us all safe. Of course, the police had been informed and attended, but the home owner was left with a smashed lock and an unsecure house. 

As regular readers will know, houses that have been burgled once are then vulnerable to repeat burglaries by the same perpetrator – they know the house, have seen what else is there, and have spotted any weak points. Therefore it was crucial that this house be made secure and new locks fitted. 

In this scenario, if no locksmiths were working, what would the householder do? They would have nowhere to turn, and how would they then go and do their keyworker job the next day, knowing their house was totally vulnerable and unlocked. Instead, they were able to phone me, I could quickly attend, and the house was made secure, allowing the householder to carry on doing their job of helping people the next day. 

Rest assured that, although I am attending these jobs and assisting in emergencies, I am more than aware of the government guidelines about social distancing and am following these, staying 2 metres away from others, and constantly washing my hands. However, it can be seen that by carrying on my job, I am able to help other keyworkers get on and do their jobs. 

This is just one example – there are others that have occurred over the last week such as the pharmacy I attended where the staff were unable to lock the door due to a broken mechanism. A chemists cannot be left unlocked, but I was able to assist so that the busy staff were able to get home and rest, ready for another day’s work the next day, rather than one of them having to stay behind to guard the premises. 

Think also of the scenario of an A&E junior doctor arriving home after an 18-hour shift, only to find she’s lost her keys and can’t get in her house. She desperately needs a few hours kip before returning to work, but has nowhere else to go. In this case, again a locksmith is a vital service, able to get her into her house in a matter of minutes to get that much needed rest, and not to add to all the other stresses going on. 

So, despite everything, this is why you may spot my van around the region. I’m not out unnecessarily, and a lot of routine jobs have gone on the backburner, waiting until the peak of this crisis is over. But people do still need help in emergencies and as long as it is safe to do so, I’ll still keep attending those situations. Outside of these, I am following all the guidelines about no unnecessary journeys, social distancing, and certainly no trips out apart from the work jobs and getting essentials in.  It’s important we follow these, and hopefully the more we do, the sooner we can get back to some sort of normality. 

In the meantime, if you have any emergency lock problem, please call me on 01226 399067 and I will tell you what I can do to help, attending if necessary. Please stay safe out there.

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