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Barnsley Locksmith Advice For Autumn

3rd October 2021

I don’t want to worry you, but it does seem to be October already. I know, I know, it was only May the other day, but you take a moment to blink, and the next thing you know the nights are getting darker, the shops are full of Halloween paraphernalia, and one eye is being drawn towards that thermostat in the hall. Although with the current gas crisis, maybe the middle-aged man of the house will be putting a padlocked box over that to make sure it doesn’t get switched on until at least November. 

So there are certainly signs that Autumn is on its way, and it seems to be arriving quicker than deliveries at fuel stations, I can tell you. Keats wrote about the “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” in his Ode to Autumn, but he’ll be kicking himself he didn’t add in a few lines about punch-ups at the Esso garage when the petrol runs dry. But anyway, I digress, and hopefully that’ll all be sorted soon. 

A love of Autumn was not just restricted to the Romantic poets. Unfortunately, it’s a season much beloved by burglars too. Not that I’m saying those two cross-sections of society are mutually exclusive – perhaps there are burglars out there who moonlight as Romantic Poets, or vice versa. And of course there are many of us outside that particular Venn diagram, who, whilst classing ourselves as neither poets nor burglars, still have a fondness for Autumn. But for today, we’ll focus on the burglars, okay? I think I cleared that up. 

The burglars in question love this season for one main reason – shorter days and longer nights. You could argue from a semantic point of view that that’s two reasons, but I maintain that as one inversely affects the other it can be classed as just the one. Crikey, I’m argumentative today. But the cloak of darkness is invaluable to burglars, allowing them to carry out thefts with a much-reduced chance of being spotted. With that in mind, I thought I’d put together a quick reminder of actions you can take to try and make sure you’re not one of their targets. 

Get modern anti-snap locks fitted – Yes, I know, it wouldn’t be one of my blogs without me banging the drums for anti-snap locks, but I won’t be stopping doing so any time soon. I’m still frequently called to the scene of a burglary to see the depressing sight of a snapped lock where the burglar has gained access in a matter of seconds with very little effort. Anti-snap locks won’t guarantee you won’t be a victim of a burglary, but they’ll make it a darn sight harder for the intruder to gain access, and they may well think of moving on to an easier target. Getting these locks fitted by a decent Barnsley locksmith is the best action you can take to prevent a break-in. 

Check the Burglar Alarm works (or exists) – Perhaps surprisingly, 7 out of 10 houses in the UK do not have a burglar alarm, despite their proven track record as a deterrent of burglars. Research has shown that over half of attempted break-ins on houses fitted with an alarm turn out to be unsuccessful, either because the burglar has been scared off, or the noise of the alarm has roused neighbours or the police. Installing a burglar alarm and, crucially, keeping up the servicing so that it’s in working order, will massively decrease the chances of you falling foul of a burglar this Autumn. 

Consider Security lighting – We know that natural light disappears earlier in these months and there’s nothing we can do about that, but we can restore a little bit of balance by fitting a motion-activated security light. These can be sourced for under £20 and can be very effective, suddenly pouring light into those dark corners where a burglar may be attempting entry, and taking away their advantage of darkness. 

There are other actions that can be taken at this time of year. If you’re fairly sure you won’t be using the garden furniture again for a few months, it’s well worth locking this away, as well as any garden tools, making sure they’re secure for the winter. Consider fitting timer switches on some internal lights for when you’re away from the house – this wasn’t so much an issue last autumn with all the lockdowns, but it’s likely (or hopeful!) that we might not all be stuck in every evening this year. Always keep in mind not to leave any valuables on display by windows or doors, and of course ensure you lock your doors and set the burglar alarm every time you leave the house, as well as when you go to bed at night. 

We can never totally eliminate the risk of our homes being burgled but by taking the above steps, you will significantly reduce the odds, allowing you to enjoy the mists and mellow fruitfulness of Autumn, and nothing more sinister than that. 

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