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Barnsley Locksmiths New Years Resolutions

8th January 2022

So it’s 2022 and STILL no sign of the flying cars, jetpacks, robot butlers or day trips to Mars. I’m beginning to think Tomorrow’s World lied to us in the 1970s. Nevertheless, Happy New Year to you all and let’s hope that 2022 is good to us all. Although, bearing in mind I’ve been saying that for the last decade or so, it’s clearly a wish rather than a guarantee – remember when 2016 was the worst year ever, and the next few couldn’t possibly be worse?

On that happy note, new year is often the time for new resolutions, whether these involve giving up smoking, doing more exercise or starting to brush your hair (looking at you, Prime Minister). On this theme, I thought it would be a good time to pen some resolutions you may be considering, and relate them to improving the security of the house. And, what’s better, no visiting the gym or learning Swahili is necessary

New year home security resolutions

1. I will get some exercise. Never fear, no gym membership required. All you need to do here is take five minutes out of your day to walk round the exterior of your property looking for any weak spots where a burglar may be able to get in. Pay specific attention to any door or window frames that may be rotten or brittle. 

2. I will upgrade my life. Here, “life” of course refers to the locks on your shed or garage, for the dark months of winter provide plenty of cover for burglars targeting outbuildings, many of which have far less robust security than on your main residence. Make sure all buildings on your property are properly secured. 

3. I’ll talk to new people. And who better to talk to than your local friendly locksmith, in order to review your security arrangements? When were your locks last inspected? Do they meet the minimum standard required by insurance companies? If they’ve not been updated for a long time, they may be easily snappable, or invalidate your insurance in the instance of a break-in. Get a professional in to look over your house and give tips on where you can improve your house’s defences. 

4. I will carry out some self-introspection – here we’re naturally talking about looking at our own behaviour as homeowners. Do you ever leave your keys in the door or on view to opportunistic thieves; do you sometimes neglect to set your burglar alarm when you leave the house; or do you not always check that all exterior doors are locked. Remedying these faults costs nothing but just takes a little extra thought. 

5. I will be here, there and everywhere. Possibly not literally here, but you can at least give the impression you’re at home even when you’re not, and this will deter burglars. A couple of light timers set for random times in evenings should do the trick, and if you’re planning to be away for a lengthy period, offer your driveway up to a friend or neighbour to use so it’s not so apparent you’re away. 

6. I’ll watch more TV – Okay, this is the opposite of the normal resolution to cut down on the soaps and reality TV, but here I’m referring to considering getting a CCTV system installed. These used to be out of the price range of the ordinary householder but technology has really brought the cost down in recent years, and a couple of cameras linked to your laptop or mobile can be cheaply sourced and act as a real deterrent to burglars. 

7. I’ll set my alarm earlier. Usually this sort of resolution would refer to getting out of bed earlier when the alarm goes off. But here, I’m talking about a house alarm. Do you have one? Good, if so. Do you set it? If not, then why do you have one? And if you don’t have one, please do consider getting one installed. It’s about the best investment you can make in home security. 

8. I will treasure my valuables – Please don’t leave cash, jewellery or passports on display in your house. Invest in a good quality safe to keep them in, also ensuring that the safe itself is securely attached to a wall or floor so it can’t just be picked up with all the valuables inside. 

9. I will bulk up – This isn’t a full sentence, by the way. The complete resolution is I will bulk up security on the patio doors – should you have them. Any French doors really must have locks or bolts fitted to the top and bottom for extra security in case the main lock is breached. But yeah, the bulk up resolution is a bit tenuous, trying to link it to an ordinary resolution. Don’t worry, we’re nearly at number ten. 

10. I will bring light wherever I go – No need for a religious revelation here. Rather, in the winter months, exterior lighting is a godsend (pun intended) to deter those burglars who thrive under the cover of darkness. An added bonus is exterior lights help you find your own way home on a dark evening too! 

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There you have it. Ten popular resolutions, crowbarred into a home security setting. Seriously though, if you follow them all I’d wager your chances of being the victim of a burglary will drastically reduce. And whatever 2022 brings, we all hope a break-in doesn’t feature. 

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