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Burglary Prevention Tips

3rd April 2022

If we ignore everything that’s going on in the world at the moment, we’ve had quite a nice few days recently with plenty of sunshine to enjoy. A sure sign that Spring is on its way, and before you know it Easter will be along. 

I’ve been racking my brains about what I could get you, my dear readers, as an Easter present. Easter Eggs just seemed a bit too obvious, and didn’t you say you were on a diet anyway? Perhaps some flowers, but then there’s hay fever to consider. So I finally settled on a blog containing tips about how to keep your house safe. You may feel a bit short changed by that, and complain that I give you that every month anyway. But this is a special Easter-themed blog. Mainly because I’ve mentioned the word Easter four times already. Well, five now. 

I’ll touch briefly on three aspects of home security. The holy trinity, if you will, of ways you can reduce the impact of any attempted burglary. A burglary that would certainly leave you cross. Cross, see…this Easter stuff writes itself. I’ll summarise how to prevent a burglary attempt in the first place, secondly how to make any burglary attempt more difficult for the perpetrator, and thirdly how to lessen the impact of any burglary should one unfortunately take place. 

First off, preventing the burglary attempt. This is where I’d focus most of your energy. Preventing anyone from even attempting to break in is the ultimate goal, as then there is none of the emotional and practical repercussions of a burglary. Let’s not beat around the burning bush here (sneaked that biblical reference in there) – there is a significant emotional impact of anyone trying to break in to the place where you’re meant to feel safe and secure. Add in the practicalities of police, insurance, the clean-up, and yes, locksmiths too, and you can see that prevention is by far the best option. 

All well and good, but how do we do it? Well not to put too fine a point on it, you make your house as unappealing as possible to burglars. That doesn’t mean you stop cutting the grass, throw mattresses on your garden and knock tiles off your roof. Rather it means not advertising that there are valuable pickings to be had. Basically, keep high value items out of view from the outside – no car keys or wallets on display by windows – and if you get any fancy new electronic equipment, dispose of the packaging sensitively and discreetly. Even turning a cardboard box inside out can mislead your local burglar on the lookout for the latest must-have gadget. Prevention also includes not advertising the fact you’re away from home – using timers for lights, letting neighbours park on your drive when you’re away, ensuring post or milk doesn’t pile up. Also, try to refrain from posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that you’re going away or are on holiday, as thieves are known to trawl these sites looking for clues. Finally, a burglar alarm and security lights are always good deterrents that make potential burglars think twice before selecting your home to target. 

Our second mode of defence arises when, despite our best efforts, we haven’t managed to stop a burglar attempting access. Here is where making the attempt more difficult comes in. You’re probably ahead of me here in thinking that locks have a massive part to play in this aspect, and you’d be dead right. These are the most important tool at your disposal so don’t cut corners. Get a locksmith to carry out a security survey, inspecting all the locks to make sure they’re up to the job. 

A bare minimum is to ensure all external locks meet the regulations of your home insurance. I’d encourage you to go beyond this though, as much as you can afford. It goes without saying they should be anti-snap locks, but your locksmith will be best placed to advise you on just how strong you need to go. Of course the greatest lock in the world is no good if it isn’t actually used. So make sure you keep your doors locked, especially when outside in the garden, no matter how fleeting your visit. And any time you leave the house or go to bed, make it part of your routine to check all doors are locked. 

The third defence plan comes into action if, even after taking the above steps, the worst has happened and a burglar has got into your house. There is no way to sugar coat this if it happens – it won’t be pleasant at all and will have an impact on all the family. However, we can do our best to minimise the impact, ensuring an unpleasant experience doesn’t become a disaster. The thing to keep in mind is that a burglar doesn’t want to stay in your house for long. Every minute they are in is a minute that increases the risk of them being caught. With this information, make it difficult for them to grab a valuable haul. Keep cash, wallets, purses and the like out of sight, and preferably locked away in a cupboard or drawer. Remember that the prime motive of some burglaries is to grab your car keys  in order to steal the family car on the drive. So again, don’t keep these on a table by the door. Hide them away so they can’t be quickly grabbed by an intruder. 

Any jewellery or high value items should be kept in a house safe which can prove an invaluable investment. This can also be used to store passports. If documents such as these are stolen it will be a major hassle to replace, not to mention the risk of ID fraud, so think about keeping them locked away. 

Hopefully this three-pronged approach will have given you something to think about as you munch through those Easter Eggs – yes, I kind of forgot the theme there for a while, but got back to it in the end. Whether you celebrate it or not, have a good one, and for advice on anything lock-related, or to enquire about repairs or replacements, call 07990 573857 

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