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7th March 2021

People very rarely ask me “Hey, what’s a thing a locksmith spends most of their time doing?” Which is a shame, as if they did that, it would have provided a very good segue into today’s blog. Instead, I find myself floundering, trying to think of something to say to sum up the last 12 months of lockdowns and social distancing, perhaps also striking an optimistic tone about the vaccination rollout and the very real likelihood of more normality returning in the months to come, all the time trying to come up with a seamless segue. It’s all very 2021, I tell you. 

So, that question that people rarely ask me….well, I’m glad you asked. A disappointingly small amount of time is spent carrying around huge chains of keys, helping MI5 break into secret lairs, thus foiling plots by megalomaniacs to take over the world. At the most, that happens once a week. 

In the real world – a world we have to check in on every now and again – a significant portion of my job involves the repair of UPVC doors. I appreciate it’s not a subject the gets the pulse racing – there isn’t even an interesting anagram of UPVC as the closest I got was PUCV who is almost a character in A Midsummer’s Night Dream, but not quite, and even then it’s not Bottom. But (and yes, that was just an excuse to have the words “Bottom” and “But” next to each other), it’s a subject that almost everyone will come across sooner or later. UPVC doors are installed in all sorts of locations – from a residential point of view they can be the main front door entrance, and can also act as patio or French doors. It’s not all about the doors either, as Jim Morrison’s father probably never shouted at him. I also spend a good chunk of my week fixing mechanisms and locks on UPVC windows. 

So what sort of jobs am I called out to involving UPVC doors, I hear you ask. I know you didn’t ask, but for the purposes of continuing this article, just play along. A major issue that can befall UPVC French doors is the failure of their locking mechanisms. A total failure of the mechanism leaves the door being unable to be opened, even if the key turns. A door that can’t be opened is basically a glorified wall, so not wholly welcome. I’m glad to say, however, that it does not necessarily mean the whole door has to be replaced at considerable expense, and you should treat with great suspicion anyone who tells you that it does. 

Instead, the failure may merely indicate a mechanism that needs attention (don’t we all in this Covid age etc) or replacing. For some nameless locksmiths this would entail a visit to identify the problem, then a lengthy delay whilst they order the correct piece, and then a second visit some days later, all the time the door remaining out of action. I think you’ll agree that lockdown is bad enough without having to deal with a door that won’t open for days on end. This is where I blow my own trumpet a little – I carry a wide range of replacement materials on my van which means that usually I can complete the repair on the first and only visit, resulting in less cost and inconvenience for the householder. The work is, of course, all fully guaranteed, giving peace of mind too. I don’t yet carry my own trumpet, but it’s under consideration

A second fairly common issue with UPVC doors is that a key can sometimes snap in the lock. Again, some locksmiths would immediately reach for the costliest solution. However, it is sometimes possible to retrieve the key from the lock, saving the lock, and this would be my first option. If this is not possible, then a replacement lock can be fitted in a matter of minutes, again from stock on the van, and this means the customer can quickly get back to normal, without the hassle of a faulty, unusable door for a lengthy period. 

Whilst I’m at a customer’s house on these sorts of jobs I can also answer any concerns or questions the householder has about their existing security arrangements. I can suggest upgrades to boost their security such as changing to better quality locks if their existing locks are poor quality or not of the ”anti snap” variety. I don’t give the hard sell though, as this approach is rarely welcomed, I’ll just give the option. If it’s just a case of a fix or replacement of existing locks, this is fine too, and I give a quote before carrying out any work – customers appreciate honesty and straightforwardness, and it hopefully means they’ll call me in future should they encounter any other problems. 

It's not all about locks, as the canal boat captain once protested. I can also look at any problems or faults with the handles or hinges of the UPVC doors or windows. With over a quarter of a century of experience with UPVC products (gulp), I can usually identify problems pretty quickly, and single out the make or model of the faulty piece, saving you the issue of trawling ebay or the like for replacement pieces, not knowing if they’ll fit or not.  When it comes to hinges, these are the parts that receive the most use, each time the door is opened or closed, and they can occasionally fail, but again, I will be able to identify the issue and suggest a quick solution. 

So yes, it’s less of the MI5 jobs, and more of the UPVC issues. Maybe not glamorous, but important work, and I find it very rewarding fixing problems, and getting households back to normal – a broken door may sound like a simple issue, but the repercussions and inconvenience it can cause are pretty wide. Driving away from a job well done, having fixed the problem, is always a good feeling. 

Just a little vignette into part of my day-to-day life there, which has carried on all through lockdown this past year. And will hopefully carry on for a good deal longer. For any lock or security-related issue, please call me on 07990573857 for any Locksmith in Barnsley requirements or Patio door repairs in Barnsley.

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