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Info On Cylinder Security

25th November 2018

So I guess we’d better acknowledge the elephant in the room. Not literally, as that would be weird, and in my experience, large pachyderms will eventually leave out of embarrassment if you ignore them for long enough. Rather, a figurative elephant. Not Brexit on this occasion as we’ve had quite enough of that, but instead the impending approach of Christmas. We’ve already got the adverts appearing, the lights on display and soon it’ll be time to frantically search the shops for the perfect gift for Aunt Clara, before deciding on a perfumed bath set that will never get used. 

Now usually at this time of year I’d do a blog about precautions you can take to keep all those presents safe, and how to ensure your house is secure whilst you’re out at festive parties. (These blogs can indeed still be found on this very site if you scroll back 12 months). This year, however, I thought I’d go completely off-piste and talk about cylinder locks. Because what in the world is more festive than cylinder locks? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way, before you all start answering with “Literally everything in the world is more festive than cylinder locks”. But, you know, my blog, my rules. And I’ll still try to slip in some very subtle nods to Christmas – see if you can spot them. 

Cylinder locks are ubiquitous on exterior doors these days – almost as ubiquitous as the John Lewis Christmas ad (okay, even I admit that reference wasn’t the most subtle) – and they are an inexpensive, efficient way to secure your property, often in conjunction with a multipoint locking system. However, they are also at risk of lock snapping, a process by which burglars literally snap off the lock in a matter of seconds, allowing themselves almost immediate access. Lock snapping has become much more prevalent in the last decade or so and I’ve lost count of how many jobs I’ve been to where access has been gained through the snapping of a lock. 

Lock manufacturers have responded to this scourge by bringing out new, improved cylinder locks. But with so many different types available the question arises; which of them are a waste of money and which offer protection for your property that’s so secure that even Father Christmas would have trouble getting in? (yup that was one too)

The most important thing to look at when choosing a new cylinder lock is the rating it has been given, which can be expressed in various ways. Our first option is one of the snappily titled (no pun intended) SS312 Diamond Approved Standard locks. Having SS312 approval means you are assured of quality and will much reduce the risk of you falling foul to lock snapping. A quick browse of the Solid Secure Approved Diamond Cylinder List will give you a range of lock options, all meeting the requisite standards.

Next on Santa’s list is the TS007 BSI Kitemark standard. Most kitemarked locks are able to withstand break-in attempts, and the TS007 is no exception. However, there are different scales to this standard, represented by star ratings. To be sure of protecting yourself against lock snapping I would recommend a 3 star cylinder, so keep an eye out for the 3 stars above the kitemark when choosing the lock. 

Alternatively, instead of a 3-star cylinder, you can still reach TS007 approval standards by combining different aspects of your security to add up to 3 stars. This sounds complicated but in reality means that if you have a 1 star kitemarked cylinder (which would usually not be up to the quality of a 3-star device), you could combine it with a 2 star security handle or a 2 star door handle, to make 3 stars in total, and thus achieve the standard. More information about the TS007 standards can be found here -

If you are unsure about any of this, I would recommend seeking advice from, well, a friendly, qualified professional locksmith. By which I mean me, by the way, in case that was too subtle. I can fit locks of all the kinds mentioned above and can provide guidance on all security needs. You don’t want to risk your home security, especially at this time of year. The only fat man you want trespassing on your property in December should be dressed in red and white, with a liking for brandy and reindeer accessories. 

Any other queries, please contact me on07990573857, and I hope the run up to Christmas is as stress-free as possible for you and your family. 

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