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11th July 2016

Well, what a month it’s been with Brexit, then the resignation of half of the people that brought us that, not to mention departures from most of the cabinet and shadow cabinet. And of course the PM gone, with quite possibly a new PM by the time you’ll be reading this. Not forgetting the England football manger – also gone. Heck, if the Queen abdicated right now I can’t say I’d be shocked, such is the general sense of uncertainly we find ourselves in. Happy summer! 

In this atmosphere of one calamity leading to another, today I’d like to talk about you getting locked out of your house. No, that’s not a threat, honestly. I just want you to imagine it. An annoying situation, undoubtedly, but the decision you make when it happens can influence whether it remains a minor annoyance or turns into a fully fledged disaster. The disaster in this case would be falling prey to a disreputable locksmith.

Finding a reputable locksmith

Don’t get me wrong, most locksmiths are honest and decent, if not quite as utterly smashing as I am, of course. They will do the job for a decent price, and be on their way. However, there are sadly a few that seem to just be there to make your life worse. Disreputable individuals or companies who will overcharge, then become intimidating if you question their exorbitant fees, and suddenly be uncontactable should you have any follow-up complaints, or require a refund. 

These locksmiths are often found in newspaper or online ads, and they will pretend to be local, despite being well out of the area, out of reach of any repercussions. You’ll often find them advertising too-good-to-be-true prices which, wouldn’t you believe it, end up being too good to be true and mysteriously tripling in price. I’ve even heard of supposed “locksmiths” who insist on accompanying the customer to a bank or cashpoint under duress in order for them to withdraw enough to cover the inflated bill.  

It’s in all our interests – customers and reputable locksmiths alike, that these “cowboy” locksmiths are avoided. As such, here are some tips to follow should you suddenly need the services of a locksmith. 

  • Be wary of very low quotes – we all like a bargain but once the disreputable locksmith has started work, lo and behold, they suddenly need extra parts, or the labour cost has quadrupled. If the quote seems bizarrely low and you still want to risk it, then at least get it in writing, otherwise it will just be one person’s word against another. 
  • Check out if a locksmith is really who they say they are and are not spoofing a legitimate locksmith business by using their address and/or a similar sounding name. If when you call the locksmith are you transferred to a generic call centre, this could raise suspicions. 
  • Do your homework first. Ask around for reputable locksmiths BEFORE you need them in an emergency, and check if they’re police approved and DBS checked. Make a list of those that are and keep it with you in your purse or wallet.
  • Make certain that the locksmith you choose has insurance. This insurance will protect your property against any damage incurred. 
  • Look for a company sign or branding. If a locksmith shows up in an unmarked vehicle, be very cautious. 
  • Ask for identification when the locksmith arrives. If the person tries to dodge the request or cannot produce any id, do not do business with them.
  • Be cautious if the locksmith immediately insists that the lock has to be completely replaced for you to gain access to your house. Most professional locksmiths should be able to open most locks without having to change them, unless they are physically damaged. Once you have access to your house, then you are in a less anxious situation and can make a better-informed decision about whether you want a new lock or not.

There’s just a few tips I’d advise for you to follow when looking for a Barnsley locksmith. Obviously, I’d hope you’d choose me – I’m fortunate enough to have built up a good reputation in the many years I’ve been doing this, but even if you do choose to go elsewhere, the most important thing is choosing a reputable company who will ensure your safety and security, and not try to rip you off. Doing a little research will help you avoid making a bad situation much worse. 

Here’s hoping for a quieter second half to the year than the first. Whatever you’re doing over the summer, have a good one! 

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