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15 November

Who Has Keys For My House.

It seems there has been rather a lot of news about recently. What with the second lockdown being announced and enacted, and the saga of the US election and its aftermath (will Donald have to be dragged out by the Marines in the end?), you may have missed the startling revelation by McVities that the chocolate part of the Jaffa Cake is actually the bottom of the treat, and not the top. Never mind lockdown and Biden’s triumph – it was the Jaffa revelation that really shook up my world. 

Jaffa cakes aside, it will no doubt be another tricky period for a lot of you, whether you’re continuing to work, are on furlough, or are not able to work at the moment. Yours truly will be working throughout lockdown, due to my status as an essential  worker. I’m still practicing social distancing, and have the relevant PPE and sanitiser, thus reducing the COVID risk as much as possible, so please do still call on me if you have any need for a locksmith – I’m here to provide emergency assistance, lock replacement, and the usual security advice. 

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04 October

Do Burglars Come Back A Second Time

It’s a bit of a testing time recently (pun slightly intended) with the threat of a full blown second wave of Covid 19. This was anticipated by many virologists, and it got me thinking about statistics and probability. Because that’s just the sort of fun guy I am. 

Imagine for a minute that you had no knowledge of how viruses work and you were looking on from afar. You’d probably think it was mighty unlucky that after decades of no Coronavirus sweeping through the population, we then have two waves in the space of six months. “What were the chances of that?” you might think. This would be because you’re treating the two waves as mutually exclusive events – like rolling a fair dice to get a 6, and then rolling it again to try and do the same. The outcome of the first roll will not affect the outcome of the second – this is the case for most instances of luck such as winning the lottery, tossing a coin etc. 

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31 August

Are Low Locksmith Prices Real Or A Scam

Finally, September is on the horizon and the schools are on the brink of reopening. I’m sure parents all over the region will be breathing a sigh of relief at that, although understandably this relief may be tinged with anxiety given the circumstances. However, it’s a big step back to normality, and to commemorate this blessed moment, I thought I’d try and contribute by delivering a little bit of learning of my own. This will be in the form of raising awareness of a dodgy scheme that seems to be gaining traction across the country recently, and that I’m keen for you all to avoid. 

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02 August

Increase In Burglary

There haven’t been many advantages to lockdown. I guess it’s been a time where you can catch up with box sets, save a bit of money on petrol and eating out, and get to know which member of your close family annoys you the most. But apart from that it’s slim pickings. As opposed to Slim Pickens, who you may have seen if you’ve also been catching up on films from the 50s and 60s. 

However, one advantage has been the reduction in burglaries. The reason for this is pretty obvious – most burglars target properties that are empty, and during the past 4 or 5 months, houses have rarely been left unoccupied, save for those of key workers who live alone or with other key workers. 

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12 July

Barnsley Locksmith Advice

Hey, it’s July already. It barely seems 19 years since it was March and we were entering lockdown. But finally we seem to be coming out of it, touch wood, and there are signs things are getting back to, well, if not quite normal, then the new normal that people keep banging on about. Although we all need to continue to be as careful as possible, the re-opening of pubs and hairdressers this weekend will be a welcome step for many of us, after the opening of non-essential shops a couple of weeks ago. 

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13 June

What To Do If You Have A Snapped key

Hi there. After twelve  weeks of lockdown it looks as if there may be light at the end of the tunnel as the quarantine restrictions are lifted a little and we take a few tentative steps towards normality. Speaking of normality, I’ll try and avoid the elephant in the room as much as possible today and return to the subject of regular lock problems. And you’ll need a sturdy lock if you want to keep that elephant safely in the room. The elephant we’re not mentioning, that is. Although it’s quite difficult to ignore the elephant – why the heck did you think it would be a good idea to keep an elephant there? I’ve never said the word “elephant” more in my life than in the last 30 seconds. Terrible job of ignoring the elephant.

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03 May

Barnsley Locksmiths During COVID 19

Well, it’s May already then. Time is very peculiar recently. March seemed to last 87 years and yet April has flown by. Or so it seems to me, maybe that’s not universal. Regardless, we’re living in the strangest of times, and I hope this finds you as well as possible given the circumstances. Was thinking the other day how you would explain the current situation to a time traveller from 2010. “Well, the bloke from the Apprentice is US President, Boris Johnson is our Prime Minister, and we’re only allowed out of our house once a day for a state-authorised walk.” They’d have carted you away to the funny farm. 

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31 March

Are Barnsley Locksmiths Key Workers

Well, it’s all a bit of a to-do out there at the moment, isn’t it? Quarantine, lockdown, daily televised government briefings, and now our infected Prime Minister writing to every household in the country – this wasn’t all in the script when we wished each other a happy and healthy 2020 last New Years’ Eve

I’m not here to give you any guidance on how to deal with the current COVID-19 crisis. I will leave this to the likes of Professor Whitty and the rest of the senior government advisors. I would just reiterate that, although experts have had a bad rap the last few years, it’s important to listen to their advice to keep us all safe and get us back to normal as soon as possible. So please visit the NHS website should you have any concerns on that score. 

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01 March

The Role Of Locks in Films

I don’t know if you saw the Oscars a few weeks back – you may remember that the best Picture Award went to Parasite, beating off competition from the likes of 1917 and Jojo Rabbit. Parasite is an excellent film, by the way, and as its victory has annoyed Donald Trump, that’s another facet in its favour. 

Without giving away too many spoilers, there is a plot point in Parasite surrounding a locked passageway, and this got me thinking about the role that locks and keys have played in films. Right from the beginnings of cinema they’ve played a pivotal role. You only have to travel 8 years into cinema’s history to find Edwin S Porter’s The Great Train Robbery in 1903. The gang there didn’t really bother with keys, instead preferring to use dynamite to blow the safe on the train and steal the valuables within.

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02 February

Brief History of uPVC Windows

As we approach Valentine’s Day, what could be more romantic than a look at the history of windows? That’s a rhetorical question by the way, you don’t need to knock up a comprehensive list to email through – my bandwidth won’t take it. 

So, where do we start? Well, there was this chap called Bill Gates and back in the day, he had big ideas about the future of the home computer. He realised each computer would need its own operating system, and this could be where the money.. what’s that? Oh, not THAT sort of windows? But I’ve done all my research and everything, that was a waste of time. But if you insist… let’s look at the other kind of window. The glassy, transparent version you look through, and not the one you use to log on to emails at work.

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