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07 March

Patio Door Repairs In Barnsley

People very rarely ask me “Hey, what’s a thing a locksmith spends most of their time doing?” Which is a shame, as if they did that, it would have provided a very good segue into today’s blog. Instead, I find myself floundering, trying to think of something to say to sum up the last 12 months of lockdowns and social distancing, perhaps also striking an optimistic tone about the vaccination rollout and the very real likelihood of more normality returning in the months to come, all the time trying to come up with a seamless segue. It’s all very 2021, I tell you. 

So, that question that people rarely ask me….well, I’m glad you asked. A disappointingly small amount of time is spent carrying around huge chains of keys, helping MI5 break into secret lairs, thus foiling plots by megalomaniacs to take over the world. At the most, that happens once a week. 

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05 December

A Barnsley Locksmith Carol

2020 has been quite the year, hasn’t it? One probably best forgotten by many, but certainly one we’ll be pleased to have gotten through. And with Christmas on the horizon, as well as the excellent news about the new Covid vaccines, it does look as if there may well be hope on the horizon into the new year. 

I’d like to thank all my customers for their loyalty throughout this year, and am glad I’ve been able to provide a continuous service all through the year when I know others have not been so lucky. In a break from the locksmith advice you normally find here, and seeing as it’s Christmas after all and you probably need something to laugh at, here is my slightly re-arranged version of the 12 Days of Christmas – this one’s for all the Barnsley  locksmiths and their customers out there:

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04 October

Do Burglars Come Back A Second Time

It’s a bit of a testing time recently (pun slightly intended) with the threat of a full blown second wave of Covid 19. This was anticipated by many virologists, and it got me thinking about statistics and probability. Because that’s just the sort of fun guy I am. 

Imagine for a minute that you had no knowledge of how viruses work and you were looking on from afar. You’d probably think it was mighty unlucky that after decades of no Coronavirus sweeping through the population, we then have two waves in the space of six months. “What were the chances of that?” you might think. This would be because you’re treating the two waves as mutually exclusive events – like rolling a fair dice to get a 6, and then rolling it again to try and do the same. The outcome of the first roll will not affect the outcome of the second – this is the case for most instances of luck such as winning the lottery, tossing a coin etc. 

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31 August

Are Low Locksmith Prices Real Or A Scam

Finally, September is on the horizon and the schools are on the brink of reopening. I’m sure parents all over the region will be breathing a sigh of relief at that, although understandably this relief may be tinged with anxiety given the circumstances. However, it’s a big step back to normality, and to commemorate this blessed moment, I thought I’d try and contribute by delivering a little bit of learning of my own. This will be in the form of raising awareness of a dodgy scheme that seems to be gaining traction across the country recently, and that I’m keen for you all to avoid. 

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12 July

Barnsley Locksmith Advice

Hey, it’s July already. It barely seems 19 years since it was March and we were entering lockdown. But finally we seem to be coming out of it, touch wood, and there are signs things are getting back to, well, if not quite normal, then the new normal that people keep banging on about. Although we all need to continue to be as careful as possible, the re-opening of pubs and hairdressers this weekend will be a welcome step for many of us, after the opening of non-essential shops a couple of weeks ago. 

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13 June

What To Do If You Have A Snapped key

Hi there. After twelve  weeks of lockdown it looks as if there may be light at the end of the tunnel as the quarantine restrictions are lifted a little and we take a few tentative steps towards normality. Speaking of normality, I’ll try and avoid the elephant in the room as much as possible today and return to the subject of regular lock problems. And you’ll need a sturdy lock if you want to keep that elephant safely in the room. The elephant we’re not mentioning, that is. Although it’s quite difficult to ignore the elephant – why the heck did you think it would be a good idea to keep an elephant there? I’ve never said the word “elephant” more in my life than in the last 30 seconds. Terrible job of ignoring the elephant.

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31 March

Are Barnsley Locksmiths Key Workers

Well, it’s all a bit of a to-do out there at the moment, isn’t it? Quarantine, lockdown, daily televised government briefings, and now our infected Prime Minister writing to every household in the country – this wasn’t all in the script when we wished each other a happy and healthy 2020 last New Years’ Eve

I’m not here to give you any guidance on how to deal with the current COVID-19 crisis. I will leave this to the likes of Professor Whitty and the rest of the senior government advisors. I would just reiterate that, although experts have had a bad rap the last few years, it’s important to listen to their advice to keep us all safe and get us back to normal as soon as possible. So please visit the NHS website should you have any concerns on that score. 

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21 July

Upvc Door Problems in Barnsley

So, a customer emailed me, requesting that I write about my experiences with PVC. A bit unusual, I thought, but I guess it’s nice to share. The first time I felt it on my skin, it changed my life. So sensual and exciting that I knew things would never be the same again. And when I met other people who shared my passion… wait, what’s that now? Oh, I’ve just reread the email and they said UPVC, not PVC. I guess they meant doors and not well…let’s gloss over that and wipe the slate clean. PVC is very wipeable too, you know…no, no. UPVC, UPVC, let’s get back on track.

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12 May

Upvc Door Problems In Summer

I had the radio on the other day and what should pop up but the Mungo Jerry song, beginning “In the summertime when the weather is hot; You can stretch right up and touch the sky”. Once I’d wrestled with the philosophical dilemma of whether you can really stretch up and touch the sky, and the scientific question of where indeed the sky begins, I then turned my attention to the first half of those lyrics, and began to feel really quite summery. Until I looked out the window at the hailstorm currently taking rattling down on the patio.

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18 September

Should you change your locks when moving house?

What do they say are the most stressful times of a person’s life again? I seem to recall they included getting married or divorced, dealing with a loved one’s death, moving house, and discovering there are no Twix bars left when you could have sworn there was at least one, and who’s been stealing all my Twixes again? I’ll just be talking about one of these today anyway – I’ll give you a clue, it’s not the marriage/divorce topic nor is it the death thing, and unfortunately it’s also not the Twix issue as that’s still too painful to talk about. 

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