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03 November

Stay Safe in Autumn

The “aren’t the evenings drawing in?” greetings seem to come around quicker each year, and here we are again, with the clocks having gone back last weekend. If you forgot to do that, well you’ve probably had a confusing week. Nevertheless, this time of year is good news for those of you who enjoy the whole Halloween/Bonfire Night thing, as well as for those who can sense the C word on the horizon. (no not that one, this is a family blog). Or should it even be the E word, what with an election now inserting itself inconveniently between now and Christmas. 

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25 November

Info On Cylinder Security

So I guess we’d better acknowledge the elephant in the room. Not literally, as that would be weird, and in my experience, large pachyderms will eventually leave out of embarrassment if you ignore them for long enough. Rather, a figurative elephant. Not Brexit on this occasion as we’ve had quite enough of that, but instead the impending approach of Christmas. We’ve already got the adverts appearing, the lights on display and soon it’ll be time to frantically search the shops for the perfect gift for Aunt Clara, before deciding on a perfumed bath set that will never get used.

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03 December

Don't let your Christmas party turn into a home security nightmare

“Snow is falling… All around me…” Okay, well actually it isn’t but any excuse to dust off the Shakin’ Stevens impression. To be fair, we did have a couple of very snow showers this week, but not enough to build even the most rudimentary of snowmen, and certainly not enough for a Wham! Christmas video. But it’s enough to remind us we’re not all that far away from the festive season. Admittedly, the Christmas adverts, songs and products that have been in the shops since October might have already given that away but dammit, I’m trying to be poetic here and focussing on the snow. 

As well as disappointingly brief snowfall, this will also bring with it a host of social occasions and parties. If you’re lucky (or unlucky in the case of office parties) to be invited out to one of these do’s, you’ll no doubt be looking forward to some partying, celebrating and eating. Added to that, may be a copious amount of drinking. And that is relevant to what I’m talking about today.

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12 November

Mobile locksmith in Barnsley

There are a number of jobs which would be practically impossible without having transport. An ambulance driver for one or at the other end of the scale (although just as life-saving on a cold winter’s day outside the football ground) a burger van operator. And how would Lewis Hamilton manage to earn all that money that he keeps away from the tax man without his Formula One car. To this select bunch, you can add me (although rest assured my tax affairs are all totally above board), as I simply could not carry out my job without being mobile. My van is my office and workshop combined and I couldn’t imagine my working life without it. 

It’s true that some locksmiths do operate out of a shop, but it’s not for me. I feel I can provide a much better service to my customers by being totally mobile and out in the community. Below, I’ll talk about a few of the advantages of this method of working and why I’ve decided this is the best way to work. 

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11 July

Need a locksmith in Barnsley?

Well, what a month it’s been with Brexit, then the resignation of half of the people that brought us that, not to mention departures from most of the cabinet and shadow cabinet. And of course the PM gone, with quite possibly a new PM by the time you’ll be reading this. Not forgetting the England football manger – also gone. Heck, if the Queen abdicated right now I can’t say I’d be shocked, such is the general sense of uncertainly we find ourselves in. Happy summer! 

In this atmosphere of one calamity leading to another, today I’d like to talk about you getting locked out of your house. No, that’s not a threat, honestly. I just want you to imagine it. An annoying situation, undoubtedly, but the decision you make when it happens can influence whether it remains a minor annoyance or turns into a fully fledged disaster. The disaster in this case would be falling prey to a disreputable locksmith...

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18 September

Emergency locksmiths in Barnsley

Are you in need of the services of an emergency locksmith in the Barnsley area? S F Locksmith are here to help. Our list of emergency services cover:

  • Locked Out
  • Lost Keys
  • Stolen Keys
  • Broken Locks
  • Burglary Repairs
  • Upvc Door Repairs
  • Broken Keys
  • Faulty Window Locks

We appreciate that if one of the above as happened to you, it can be an awkward position to be in and needs resolving quickly. Our aim would be to be with you as quickly as possible often within an hour and still provide a professional service.

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