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11th July 2021

In a break between football games this week I was having a watch of an old episode of The League of Gentlemen. Set in the fictional village of Royston Vasey (which happens to be the real name of Roy “Chubby” Brown, trivia fans), this magnificently dark comic series originally ran for 3 series around the turn of the millennium, but has stayed popular ever since, inspiring a feature film, stage show and recently some new episodes for its 20th anniversary. Amongst the bizarre characters, a couple of the most popular were Edward and Tubbs, the married couple (and also brother and sister) who owned the local shop within Royston Vasey; their catchphrases of “Are you local?” and  “this is a local shop for local people…there’s nothing for you here” became the most well-known by fans and non-fans alike. 

Now, and I should warn you, here comes a hell of a segue, this got me thinking about the much less disturbing aspects of being local, which, rather than scaring people off like Edward and Tubbs, are advantages for customers. I told you it was a hell of a segue, didn’t I? 

I’m a big believer in going local. I can’t deny that globalism has its advantages – the ability to order anything you need 24 hours a day to be shipped from all four corners of the globe, and the growth of trade between countries. But this brings with it disadvantages – the environmental and fuel costs of moving cargo all around the world instead of producing locally, and the loss of personal contact between seller and customer – everything seems quite faceless at times with no room for individuality. 

After the last year and a half we’ve had, supporting local businesses has become more important than ever, given how many we have sadly lost during lockdown. But let’s not forget it’s not about doing local businesses a favour – there are advantages for the customer too in a face they can trust, the knowledge of the local area and that personal service that is missing when going to a national company. 

In the locksmith world, trust is very important, and local is the best way to achieve this. If you search for a local Barnsley  locksmith in an emergency, Google may well suggest multiple nationwide locksmith companies to you, often pretending to be local by pasting in the relevant town etc in their listings. These are normally just call centres who will then subcontract to someone in your region, and you’ll rarely get the same contractor if return visits are needed. 

Without wanting to blow my own trumpet too much, this is where I have the advantage. I’m a local Barnsley locksmith and work just in the one area. I can build up relationships with customers and can cultivate a decent reputation through repeat work and word of mouth from satisfied customers.  Customers benefit from the local factor because I am bang up to date with the latest trends in what sort of burglaries are taking place in the area and the methods of entry – with this knowledge I am best placed to advise on how to prevent against these. Customers also know they can call me back in case of further work being needed, and that I can usually be there quickly, living and working in the same local area. 

Going local is sometimes associated with paying more – think about the prices at your local convenience store against those at the big supermarkets, with the latter being able to charge less due to economies of scale, bulk buying and the like. I’d argue this is not the case with locksmiths though – the national companies may be much larger, but at the end of the day they still have to get someone to attend your property, paying their rates plus taking a slice for themselves for their costs and some profit.  This level is eliminated with me – it’s me answering the phone, and there are no additional staff to pay, or shareholders wanting a share of the profit. This is certainly one case where you may be pleasantly surprised at the cost benefit of going local too. 

So, keeping local does not have to have the same sinister implications as illustrated in The League of Gentlemen. Sometimes it can be convenient, cost-effective, and result in a much better service all round. Not to mention the benefits for local firms.

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