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7th July 2022

Hello there, hope you’re surviving out there. Strange times in many ways again – at the time of writing the government may or may not be collapsing but conversely the sun’s out and we’ve made it to July so let’s focus on that instead. 

In a tenuous link to our current Prime Minister (at the time of writing), I wanted to mention something about trust, an important factor in life whether this be in individuals, companies or even governments. Doing the job I do day in, day out, I can sometimes forget what a big thing it is for people to invite an unknown person into their house. I am often met with relief from customers when they realise I’m there to help and not looking to rip them off, to do substandard work or to charge over the odds. This leaves me with mixed feelings – I’m happy that I can help and they trust me, but I’m also concerned that there are firms out there who WILL take advantage of people, especially those who are vulnerable, for a quick buck. 

As a result of this, I thought today I’d write something about things to look out for when choosing a locksmith in order to make sure they are trustworthy. I should say here that most locksmiths I meet are trustworthy and just want to do a fair and decent job, but there is unfortunately always a minority that let the side down. 

Articles or blogs like this always emphasise the importance of word of mouth. And, to be fair, this is the best way of choosing a locksmith. If your friends or family have had a good experience and can recommend someone, you’re on pretty safe ground. It’s also how I get a lot of work, so is useful from both sides. However, the whole word-of-mouth aspect hits a snag when you don’t know anyone suitable to ask. Perhaps none of your friends have had experience with needing a locksmith, or maybe you’ve just moved house and don’t know anyone in the locality – it’s no use asking Aunt Maud for her recommendations if she lives in Surrey and you live in Doncaster. So what to do in an instance where there is no personal recommendation and you need a locksmith you can trust to have inside your house knowing your security arrangements and to not rip you off?

This is where we generally scoot off to the internet. But this is not without its limitations. The first thing to look out for is companies who, although they are listed at the top of the results, are only in the sponsored results section. Now I’m not adverse to spending a bit of money on advertising but the problem is where companies ONLY appear in the paid section and not also further down in the natural search. The latter search is ordered using a variety of algorithms including recommendations and ratings, so if a company can’t be found there it's worth exercising a degree of caution. It may be someone who has just paid to appear in the results and yet who has no experience or reputation in the industry and who may be a scammer. 

The second factor that needs to be considered when searching is where the locksmith is located. Many “national” companies will advertise as if they are local, but in reality may send someone from another county. Much as I don’t want to sound like Tubbs from The League of Gentlemen – “this is a local shop for local people” etc – going local can have huge benefits. Local locksmiths know the trends of the area, they can get to you quicker (and with less mileage costs to be passed on to you), and there will also be more chance of getting them back out should something go wrong. Do a bit of research on the internet and if there is nothing more than a national or mobile number, you can always ring them up and ask where precisely they are located. 

It may seem obvious, but in the absence of any family or friend recommendations, then internet reviews can be a boon. We’re all accustomed to looking at reviews on sites for products, TV shows, films and all sorts of services – and when it comes to locksmiths these can be a useful pointer. Check out Google Reviews or Trustpilot to get a flavour of the general feedback. It’s unlikely any service will have 100% positive reviews, but a series of damning, unconnected reviews should be enough to raise the alarm. Testimonials on locksmith’s websites can be useful, but not always corroborated, so independent review sites are generally preferable. 

Everyone’s looking to save money in the current economic climate, things are tough for us all.  So you may well be tempted by unrealistically low prices advertised on the internet. The thing to remember is that low price does not always mean best value – please be careful of anyone offering prices that are too good to be true. Unscrupulous tradespeople can often use eye-catching prices to reel in customers, but then add many unadvertised extras to the final bill, sometimes causing it to double or triple. Added to this, if the price is dirt cheap, what are the materials like that are being used? Are they fit for purpose or are they likely to fall apart after a few weeks? Will the workmanship be up to a decent standard? When looking for a locksmith, price should be considered of course, but also the standard of work and reputation of the firm. An added red flag is locksmiths who will only take cash payment – it’s so easy for them to be paid via card or bank transfer now, and this will give you more protection should things go wrong. If you do have to pay in cash, ensure you get a full itemised receipt or else there will be no record of payment ever being made. 

When things go wrong in your house it’s stressful enough without the worry of trying to find a trustworthy tradesperson to deal with the issue. Hopefully, some of the recommendations above will help you in your choice. It goes without saying that I would clearly recommend myself for any professional, honest locksmith work, but even if you are located outside of South Yorkshire or choose to go elsewhere, the above tips should point you in the right direction. 

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